White Oleander by Janet Fitch

*New York Times Bestseller* & *Oprah’s Book Club Pick*

Bridgeside Books’ Book Club pick for January 2020!

This gripping novel set in 1990’s Los Angeles follows Astrid, the only daughter of a brilliant, yet emotionally unavailable mother, Ingrid, who molds Astrid’s first 13 years with mystery and private ritual. Enraged by rejection, Ingrid murders an ex-lover and is sentenced to life in prison, leaving Astrid to navigate a world of foster parents and multiple homes, while negotiating the transformation of child to woman. Often heartbreaking, but somehow also redeeming, this emotionally-charged story is impossible to put down. Fitch’s writing style is beautiful and enthralling; both elegant and raw; and her descriptions are vivid, transporting the reader into the story. An instant classic!

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