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Let's have a tea party

Tea lovers and enthusiasts come explore our selection of teas, tea cups, and tea time accessories. We believe that reading is an immersive adventure, best experienced with a cup of hot tea at your side.

We stock and select brands based not only on their quality of taste, but quality of business. From natural and ethical ingredients to brands that fund non-profit organizations, each tea we sell is making the world a better place.

Stop in to browse, or check out some of our crowd favorites below.

Featured Tea Brands

As Teapigs says it, “the real tea mission is spreading”.

  • Metropolitan Tea
  • Teapigs
  • Winterwoods Tea Company
  • Simpson & Vail
Local tea companies Waterbury VT
Stowe Street Cafe Waterbury VT

Walk through the door near our tea section to enjoy our neighbors, Stowe Street Cafe. They offer scratch-made baked goods, breakfast, lunch, and locally roasted, brewed, and fresh-pressed drinks.

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