Upcoming Events


Meet the Author: Eric Rickstad

Friday, September 21st

6:00pm - 7:00pm


Join us in welcoming Eric Rickstad, author of the recently released mystery/ thriller, What Remains of Her.

About the Book: From the New York Times bestselling author of The Silent Girls comes this chilling, harrowing thriller set in rural Vermont about a recluse who believes the young girl he's found in the woods is the reincarnation of his missing daughter, returned to help him solve her and his wife's disappearance.

Jonah Baum, a professor of poetry at a local college in Vermont, sees his ordinary life come tumbling down when his wife and young daughter vanish from their home. No evidence of a kidnapping. No sign of murder. No proof that Rebecca didn't simply abandon her marriage. Just Sally's crude and chilling drawings, Jonah's little lies, and the sheriff's nagging fears that nothing is what it seems.

For Sally's best friend, Lucinda, it's something else. She trusts in Sally not to just disappear, not after they've shared so many secret--especially about the woods and what they saw there. But she'll never tell. No one would believe her anyway.

As the search for Rebecca and Sally intensifies, and as suspicion falls on Jonah, the disappearances become more relentlessly haunting than anyone can imagine. Because what's seen in the light of day is not nearly as terrifying as what remains hidden in the dark....

About the Author: Eric Rickstad is the New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and international bestselling author of the THE NAMES OF DEAD GIRLS, THE SILENT GIRLS, LIE IN WAIT, and REAP, novels heralded as intelligent and profound, dark, disturbing, and heartbreaking. He lives in his home state of Vermont. 


Meet the Author & Book Illustrator: Lucy Cummin & Carolyn Mecklosky

Saturday, September 29th

11:00am - 12:30pm


Join us in welcoming local author Lucy Andrews Cummin and local artist Carolyn Mecklosky for a book and art exhibit of The Hounds of Spring on Saturday, September 29th at 11:00 am. 

About the Book: On a crisp April day in Philadelphia, Poppy Starkweather, in her mid-twenties, begins the rounds of her clients -- Penelope, Fauna, Horatio, Bliss, and Chutney, accompanied by her own hound, Spock -- assuming that this will be another ordinary day. Since abandoning a Ph.D. program in literature, Poppy has stumbled into walking dogs as a stopgap while she figures out what to do with her life. Although happy in a steady relationship, Poppy is leery of further commitment while in career limbo, fearing she might commit the age-old error of hiding from herself inside marriage. Shouldn't she get it all figured out first? 

By noon her day will be careening off course, diverted by an unexpected visit from her brother, a scary medical appointment with her boyfriend, and an urgent request from a client. By the small hours of the night, Poppy will be questioning her assumptions about what it means to be truly adult.


Wicked Vermont Book Signing with Thea Lewis

Tuesday, October 2nd

6:00pm - 7:00pm


Please join us for a spooky night at Bridgeside Books as we welcome Vermont author Thea Lewis and her latest book, Wicked Vermont.

About the Book:
Vermont is a picturesque landscape, but the idyllic setting hides a sometimes dark and desperate past. H.H. Holmes, America's first serial killer, may have been the University of Vermont's deadliest student. A Burlington resident made an empire partly by carrying contraband goods to and from Canada. The first United States president subject to a birther movement wasn't 44, but a much lower number. A Burlington schoolboy ran away with the circus and became an international sensation under the big top. 

Author Thea Lewis takes a revealing ride through the unique and colorful history of the Green Mountain State.


Bridgeside Books Book Group

Wednesday, October 3rd

6:00pm - 7:00pm


Please join Bridgeside Books Book Group the first Wednesday of each month for an open and lively book discussion. All are welcome to join the group. 

Our October book is  Sapiens A Brief History of Humankind Yuval Noah Harari.


'Red Scare in the Green Mountains' Rick Winston Discussion & Book Signing

Thursday, October 11th

6:00pm - 7:30pm


Join Bridgeside Books in welcoming author Rick Winston and his book Red Scare in the Green Mountains. Join us for a slideshow presentation and discussion with David Goodman of The Vermont Conversation on WDEV.

About the Book: During the last several years Winston has been writing essays about how the "McCarthy Era" Vermont. One essay has appeared in Vermont History (the journal of the Vermont Historical Society), two more in the Walloomsack Review (a publication of the Bennington Museum). Although other books have alluded to this history in passing, "Red Scare in the Green Mountains: Vermont in the McCarthy Era 1948-1960" is the first one devoted entirely to the subject.


extempo Story Telling

Thursday, October 25th

7:30pm - 10:00pm


extempo Story Telling is back at Bridgeside Books! Be sure to join us for this fantastic evening of LIVE ORIGINAL STORYTELLING!

ex tem po ra ne ous: 1 a (2) carefully prepared but delivered without notes or text

$5.00 at the door


An Evening with Madeleine M. Kunin: Coming of Age

Thursday, November 1st

6:30pm - 8:30pm


Join Bridgeside Books in welcoming former Governor Madeleine May Kunin, Vermont's first woman governor and author of the new memoir, Coming of Age: My Journey to the Eighties.

"When little girls visit the Vermont Statehouse at least they see one portrait that looks like them among those of Vermont's Governors. Madeleine's entire public life has been about making women's experiences visible, inspiring the possibilities. With this deeply personal and heartfelt memoir she tells a private story that feels like our own. What it's like as a woman to get old. It is full of humor, honesty and meaning. She is as good a poet as she was a politician. As readers, we experience the affirmation of sisterhood." Liz Bankowski, Governor Kunin's campaign manager; served in leadership positions in business and government 

About the Author:
Governor Kunin has written three previous books: Living a Political Life, and The New Feminist Agenda: Defining the Next Revolution for Women, Work, and Family and Pearls Politics and Power. She has more energy than two 40-year-olds. She is currently James Marsh Professor-at-Large at the University of Vermont, where she gives guest lectures on feminism and women and politics. She also serves on the board of the Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC), a nongovernmental organization that she founded in 1991, and she recently launched Emerge Vermont to encourage and support women in politics. She lives in Shelburne, Vermont.


Bridgeside Books Book Group

Wednesday, November 7th

6:00pm - 7:00pm


Please join Bridgeside Books Book Group the first Wednesday of each month for an open and lively book discussion. All are welcome to join the group. 

Our November book is News of the World Paulette Giles.


Meet the Author: Jackson Ellis

Friday, November 16th

6:00pm - 7:00pm


Join us in welcoming Jackson Ellis, author of the recently released novel, Lords of St. ThomasWinner of the 2017 Howard Frank Mosher First Novel Prize.

About the Book:

In the Mojave Desert, at the southern end of the isolated Moapa Valley, sat the town of St. Thomas, Nevada. A small community that thrived despite scorching temperatures and scarce water, St. Thomas was home to hardy railroad workers, farmers, shopkeepers, teachers, and a lone auto mechanic named Henry Lord.

In the early 1930s, the federal government began buying out the residents of St. Thomas, yet the hardheaded Henry Lord, believing the water would never reach his home, refused to sell. It was a mistake that would cost him-and his family-dearly.

Lords of St. Thomas details the tragedies and conflicts endured by a family fighting an unwinnable battle, and their hectic and terrifying escape from the flood waters that finally surge across the threshold of their front door. Surprisingly, it also shows that, sometimes, you can go home again, as Little Henry returns to St. Thomas 60 years later, after Lake Mead recedes, to retrieve a treasure he left behind--and to fulfill a promise he made as a child.


Meet the Author: Stephen Russell Payne

Saturday, December 1st

10:00am - 2:00pm


Join us in welcoming local author Stephen Russell Payne back to Bridgeside Books with his latest novel, Life on a CliffLife on a Cliff is the long-awaited sequel to Cliff Walking

About the Book: This suspenseful new story takes us back to Winter's Cove, Maine where famous seascape artist Francis Monroe has come to deeply love Kate Johnson and her artistic son, Stringer. After being tracked from California to Maine by their abusive husband and father, Leland, they survive a brutal attack and subsequent brutal trial. Francis then expects they can all enjoy a normal life together. Kate, however, is anything but settled as her old demons threaten to destroy the good life she and Francis have fought so hard to create.

Set on the coast of Maine, Life on the Cliff explores how deeply-rooted we are in our established ways and that change, in its many forms, can be exceedingly hard to accept--even if it is for the better.  


Story Time with Farmer John & Alpaca Lunch

Saturday, December 8th

11:00am - 12:00pm


We are SO excited to welcome back Sweet Pea and Friends: Alpaca Lunch! Farmer John and Maisie & Laddie will be on hand to read the new book, plus sign copies!