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Bridgeside Books Book Group

Wednesday, September 4th

6:00pm - 7:00pm


Please join Bridgeside Books Book Group the first Wednesday of each month for an open and lively book discussion. All are welcome to join the group. 

Our September book is The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.


Meet the Author: Nancy Remsen 'In A Twinkling'

Wednesday, September 25th

3:00pm - 4:00pm


Join Bridgeside Books in welcoming local author Nancy Remsen with her middle-school novel In A Twinkling. Join us for a magical and time-traveling afternoon!

About the book: Twelve-year-old Jennifer Stetson is helping to clean out her deceased great-grandmother's attic when she comes on a gold band with a small garnet. She slips it on a pinky finger and finds that it fits perfectly--and begins to sparkle. This ring is more than pretty; Jennifer is suddenly transported to 1890 and into the life of young Marion Mitchell--her great-grandmother.


Meet the Author: Susan Ritz 'A Dream to Die For'

Tuesday, October 15th

6:00pm - 7:00pm


Join us in welcoming author Susan Ritz with her new novel A Dream to Die For on Tuesday, October 15th.

About the Book:

IN RIVERTON FALLS, A SMALL NEW ENGLAND TOWN, globe-trotting bartender Celeste Fortune stands in her kitchen puzzling over last night’s frightening dream--a woman at a window, lilacs blowing in the breeze, someone's hands tight around her neck. Celeste is sure the dream belongs to someone else. Perhaps she has finally broken through to the collective dreams of Dreamland group. Hoping her therapist and Dreamland leader will help her untangle it, she heads off into the cold November morning to her final appointment with him--or so she hopes. Her estranged fiancé has delivered an ultimatum: Leave the Dreamers, or end their relationship for good.

Instead of help, however, Celeste discovers her therapist dying in a pool of blood, skull crushed by his own healing crystal. His computer, containing the intimate dreams and revealing nightmares of half the town, is gone. Suspicion immediately falls on Celeste, known to be a a rebellious Dreamer. To clear her name, Celeste enlists the help of her old friend, Gloria, and the two women set out to find the real culprit. But when the two discover the power of the stolen dreams, they unwittingly become the killers next target.

About the Author:

Susan Ritz grew up in Minnesota and has lived for the past thirty years in Montpelier, Vermont, where she has worked as a fund raiser, events coordinator, and philanthropic advisor for a wide range of nonprofit organizations. After receiving an MFA in creative nonfiction from Goucher College, she began writing for local publications, teaching creative writing to adults and high school students, and working on her first novel, A Dream to Die For.


Meet the Author: Bob Shannon + Peter Shea

Thursday, October 17th

6:00pm - 7:00pm


Join us for an evening with Bob Shannon & Peter Shea, authors of Vermont Trout Streams. 

About the Book:
This book is the first ground-up, comprehensive treatment of Vermont's
trout streams in more than thirty years. Within it, each author brings their
own unique decades of experience to bear, in creating an extraordinary
guidebook. The result is a complete guide to the geography and strategies
of fly fishing the streams and rivers of Vermont -- from Abbot to
Zeebeedee Brooks. It is a reference work that anyone who chases trout in
Vermont will want in their library. It offers the fly-fishing angler, in
particular, an unprecedented wealth of information on the when, how, and where to fish.

About the Authors:
Bob Shannon is the owner of the Fly Rod Shop in Stowe, Vermont, and
a professional fly-fishing guide for over 30 years. His travels have taken
him to New York, Canada, Montana, and the Caribbean. As an adjunct
professor at Northern Vermont University, he has taught students about
fly fishing for over 25 years. He was a member of the Vermont Fish &
Wildlife Board for 11 years, as well as a former board member of Lake
Champlain International. Bob was a contributor to Fifty Best Places: Fly
Fishing the Northeast (Mallard, editor). Featured in many television
fishing programs and radio shows, he has also been a celebrity speaker
throughout the United States.

Angling geographer, cartographer, and Vermont researcher Peter Shea, has
fished in Vermont since childhood, and has previously authored eight books
on Vermont trout fishing. These include the very first edition of Vermont
Trout Streams, in 1985, as well as his writing and illustrating of these
recently published titles: The New Atlas of Vermont Trout Ponds (2018),
Collateral Trout (2017), Vermont's Trophy Trout Waters (2016), Long Trail
Trout (2015), and, Vermont Trout Ponds (2014). He was co-author and
editor of Access America: An Atlas and Guide to the National Parks for
Visitors with Disabilities, which was selected as a "Best Reference" by the American Library Association.


extempo Story Telling

Thursday, October 24th

7:30pm - 10:00pm


extempo Story Telling is back at Bridgeside Books! Be sure to join us for this fantastic evening of LIVE ORIGINAL STORYTELLING!

ex tem po ra ne ous: 1 a (2) carefully prepared but delivered without notes or text

$5.00 at the door